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Parable of THE SOWER – Part 6 (final)

It is highly recommended that the viewer start with Part 1 of this series.

Jesus stressed how the parable He spoke was part of the MYSTERIES of the kingdom of God. Three gospel writers — Matthew, Mark, and Luke — ALL stressed how Jesus spoke in parables, to PREVENT people from understanding His true meanings. When Jesus presented the picture in this parable, people failed to understand the most BASIC and fundamental message contained in it…a message against idolatry.

In this last episode, we continue examining Jesus’ explanation carefully, focusing on the “thorny ground” and the types of things (riches, cares, pleasures of this life) that can turn a person who is basically “good ground” into “thorny ground”.

Our pastor breaks down each detail into easily understandable points, which ALL apply to us living in today’s modern world, just as much as they applied to those people back then!

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