Are You “Too Busy” to Serve God?

Does God think "I'm too busy" is an acceptable excuse to ignore Him? Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

We’re all busy.

We’ve got our daily jobs, of course. We have family members to communicate with, kids to take care of, cars to repair, groceries to buy, dozens of social media outlets to interact with, an endless Internet to surf, and a colossal black hole of dazzling entertainment possibilities. And just when you finally commit yourself to doing something to benefit your spiritual life or work for the Lord…oh, wait: you remember the dog still needs fed, or your favorite TV show just came on. Or now just seems like the perfect time to finally do that fridge clean-up and inspect all those ancient mystery containers.

It seems inevitable. There will always be something else to do, and chances are it will be more tempting than studying God’s word.

With the frenzied lifestyle so many people today live, it is little wonder that even Christians spend the majority of their lives serving themselves. It is easy to feel that work, family, chores, friends, and hobbies come first, and God is something secondary.

But what does God think of that? Does He think “I’m too busy” is an acceptable excuse to ignore Him?

Using types (pictures) from a parable in 1 Kings 20 as an example, this short Bible study explores the job God has given His people, why it is so important, what the devil does to persuade you to give it up, why merely refraining from immoral behavior is not enough to get you to heaven, and why there is an awful cost to being “too busy” to serve the Lord.

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