Pearls of Truth

Every truth of God’s Word is a pearl, and each one is a priceless treasure. These short video Bible studies offer a glimpse into God’s wonderful, living Word!

Each video has read-along captions, and there is a written transcript version, should you prefer to read. New Bible study topics will be added regularly.

Discover how these tiny lessons inspire us in a big way!

Face to Face with God

Charity is Long Suffering

Consider the Elephant

Spiritual Trees

Gaining a Clear Vision

The River of Life

What Gives Us Spiritual Life

Consider the Ant

As Bees Do

Mining Spiritual Gold

The Big Dipper

God’s Wonderful Grace

The Impossible Debt

God’s Sheep

Hiding From God

Birth & Conception – Looking From Another View

God’s Creation; Understanding His Majesty From Atoms

Are You Being Sifted?

The Story of Zacchaeus

Are You Thirsty?

The Race

Faithful Stewards

Rain, Snow and Clouds

God’s Thoughts Higher Than Our Thoughts