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The Giraffe – Why So Unique?

If you went back in time to extremely ancient eras of our world, you would of course encounter much taller creatures than the giant giraffe! However, with the extinction of those species, the giraffe has become the TALLEST animal in our day. This causes us to consider our Creator’s purpose and look more closely at the giraffe’s characteristics, to see what they symbolize and what their meaning is for us today.

In this video presentation, we learn about God’s wonderful method of using ANIMALS and their main traits to teach us principles of His Word. Like Paul stated in Romans 1:20, spiritual truths can be clearly seen from the things God created (things in nature). We will take a tour around the animal world as we look at the Bible meaning of the lion, lamb, serpent, pig, dog — and the fascinating giraffe — from a spiritual point of view.

This study would have to be much longer to cover ALL of the special characteristics of the giraffe, and would have to be tremendously longer to prove all of those from the Bible. Therefore, the viewer will need to keep in mind that this video is just an introduction. If you would like to study the subject further, you will find more details contained within our other videos and written studies.

We welcome you to view “The Giraffe”, and thus at least begin to see the amazing pictures portrayed by this gentle giant of a creature.

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