As humans, we learn first to physically walk, and then we learn to run, and many of us long to learn to fly throughout our life. I was privileged to grow up with opportunities to get flying lessons from several instructors when I was in my teens, but it was not many years after that, I realized that the ‘heavens’ I needed to concentrate on, to rise above the world and to strive to therefore please the Lord, was the ‘place’ the Bible refers to as “HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS”. As years passed, and I had opportunity as a pastor to spend decades studying the scriptures, the Lord helped me to better understand Moses and Isaiah’s words in speaking of the flight of an eagle, and the manner the eagle often uses to train it’s young to fly.

We studied this subject as a congregation over 35 years ago, but now it’s a blessing to be able to illustrate it and present it in multimedia format, thanks to all the help from our diligent workers! I would like to dedicate this very old but worthwhile study to all who helped to make this and our other studies possible! To God be the glory and honor, and thanks to all of you for helping out in so many different ways!!!

This study is more like a short story, in the sense that the most important Bible scripture we use has to be presented in the form of a story, because we who live in this modern age do not generally have opportunity to observe and learn from the things of nature that our Lord created to teach us such lessons. We make use of videos, photos, and even animation in order to attempt to depict and make clear the lessons presented. We hope you enjoy this production.

Inspire4 consists of a team of well over 150 people who each do various tasks in order to pool all our labors together and thus produce the songs and studies you see on Many are involved in video filming, and production, as well as the many phases of work necessary to allow the videos to be made: Costumes, set production, green screening, actors, musicians, singers, animation, making figurines for our stop-action photography sets, video editing, and the list goes on and on. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!


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