Thank You

Thank You

From the rising of the sun,
Each day brings new opportunity.
For me, a choice to make,
Serve God, or mammon, which will it be?

I lived life so long
Just doing as I please
Till the Word took root in my heart
And gave me sweet release

From the sin that gripped my soul
And made my flesh a slave
Thank God He looked within
And for me His son He gave

He foresaw my life, broken
but a desire to know what is right
Why He saw fit to send His Word, I’ll never know
But, by it I’ll strive to walk in the light.

I thank God for salvation
It’s given life new meaning
I could never deserve it
On Him I’m truly leaning.

If it wasn’t for God’s mercy
Who knows where I’d be
He sends light on my pathway
So that I can clearly see

How line upon line
Fits to form the Word
Leading in His straight way
As I walk with my dear precious Lord

He loves me and protects me
All along life’s way
Oft times He likes to test me
But I know He’s there each day

I only have to marvel
At how He keeps me safe
Even though I often fall short
Like a clueless, helpless waif

His thoughts are so much higher
Than mine could ever be
To Him I’m oh so thankful
That He’s sharing His Truth with me.

Thank you

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