Inspiration Singers – IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES

If you are wondering why you found “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on our gospel song list, please let us explain. Of course, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was released as a single by Garth Brooks in 1989. It quickly climbed to number one on the country charts and is widely known as his signature song. Garth had worked on ideas for the song for quite some time before it was finished with the help of songwriter Kent Blazy. Songs that touch people on so many levels only come along once in a great while. Garth has said the song was written with his daughter in mind. Even though parents can certainly relate the song to their relationship with their child, this song has the ability to go so much farther. It can be applied to any relationship that one holds dear.

Here at Inspire4, with just a few slight modifications, we have decided to use this song as a gospel song. It reaches down into one’s heart and defines the way that we feel about our relationship with our wonderful Savior. We truly want to do all that we can to be working diligently for our Heavenly Father to show Him how much we love Him. Please join the Inspiration Singers as they share their heartfelt gospel version of, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

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