I Surrender All – Inspirational Singers

“I Surrender All”, is sung by the Inspiration Singers with various harmonies that adds that special, “tenderly sweet” touch to the music. They put their heart into singing for their Lord who has blessed them beyond measure and they share the blessings as their spirits overflow in love and praise to Him!

“I Surrender All” is a Christian hymn, with words written by American art teacher and musician Judson W. Van DeVenter. It was put to music by Winfield S. Weeden, and published in 1896.

Judson W. Van DeVenter said of the inspiration for the text: For five years he wavered between becoming a recognized artist or devoting himself to the ministry. Finally, he surrendered his life to Christian service, and wrote the text of the hymn.

Please enjoy this video of the Inspiration Singers as the girls present their contemporary, a cappella version of “I Surrender All”.

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