I Love Him Better Every D-A-Y – sing-along song – Junior Choir

Our sing-along choir with an old time favorite, “I Love Him Better Every D-A-Y”. This song has been a beloved children’s hymn for generations.

Here we see a simplistic message of love through the voices of our youth – The progression of “DAY” all the way to “YEAR” portrays the ever increasing love from our young people for our Lord. There are two writers credited for the song – Thoro Harris, who wrote the verses, and Sidney E. Cox, who later added the chorus it’s so well known for. Over the course of his life, Cox composed nearly 400 songs. “I Love Him Better Every D-A-Y” was one of his earliest and best known works. Written in the early 1900s, a song that has stood the test of time, remaining a favorite to this day. We hope it brings a smile to your face and that you’ll also sing-along with the children and young people if you like!

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