Pathway To Resurrection; What Does Lazarus’ Experience Teach Us?

The pathway to resurrection; what does Lazarus' experience teach is? John 11:23-25 (KJV)

In our busy world today, when people want to give attention to their spiritual life, they may go to church and hear a brief summary of a Bible story, or they might pick up their Bible at home and quickly read a familiar story. Then they go their way, feeling like they have done service to God and their spiritual life.

But, have you ever wondered if Bible stories contain deeper truths than what we commonly notice? When you read a story in the Bible, do you ever consider why those events happened and why they were chosen to be written down and preserved? Can these stories be keys to understanding the Scriptures on a deeper, spiritual level?

Let’s take the story of Jesus and His friend Lazarus in John 11 as an example. Here, we encounter the shortest verse of the Bible:

John 11:35 (KJV) 11:35 Jesus wept.

What circumstances caused Jesus to weep? Have you ever wondered why Jesus gave instructions to those around Him to roll the stone away and loose the grave clothes, instead of going ahead and doing those things Himself? Since Jesus was going to be performing this miracle, He could have easily accomplished all of the tasks by Himself.

The story of Lazarus is much more than just a historical account of Jesus raising a man from the dead physically. When we look at what Lazarus symbolizes, we find a wonderful picture of how to help the “Lazaruses” of today!

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