God’s Grace – More Than Amazing (Part 1)

From God's Word we learn of His amazing grace! Romans 4:4-5 (KJV)

MARVELOUS. God’s plan is marvelous! God’s creation is marvelous! God’s goodness is marvelous! God has provided not only our lives and our ability to choose, but He has also provided various means of verifying the scope of His greatness. The Bible is one such means. From the Bible we obtain His Word. From His Word we learn of His GRACE.

God’s grace is the basic heart of the proper interpretation of the Scriptures, and is the major subject that is presented no matter where one might search. In this study we will be looking at some of the many diverse areas of the Scriptures which in their own special way present a part of the overall picture of GOD’S GLORIOUS GRACE.

This study’s coverage will be condensed, yet extensive in reach. As we (essentially) learn about salvation, we will touch upon self-righteousness, unrighteousness (sin), works, perfection, imputation, mercy, and many other related issues, wonderfully intertwined, and wonderfully explained.

Read: God’s Grace – More Than Amazing (Part 1)

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