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The Book of Revelation Video Study – Part One – Interpretation

Multitudes of people are writing, teaching, preaching, and talking about the meaning of the Book of Revelation. It seems there are almost as many interpretations as there are people discussing the book. It is commonly taught that the Book of Revelation is difficult to know what many parts of this special and unusual book refer to, and impossible for anyone to know for sure what the truth really is.

The approach in this introduction video study is to begin to prove, using the book itself, that the book of Revelation is built upon analogies and symbols. These analogies and symbols are used throughout the scriptures, but sometimes are hidden at first glance. Our goal in presenting this study is to get the viewer to begin to consider if indeed the book IS allegorical, or if it is to be taken literally as so many believe. That truth can be found in the book of Revelation itself, if we consider carefully what it has to say to us.

The book of Revelation video study episodes will not be short, as it is not a book that one can just explain in a short period of time. Yet, for those who sincerely desire to find the way to its complete understanding, we hope that this video series will be meaningful and helpful!!!

After viewing the video on this page (part 1), we invite you to continue to The Book of Revelation Video Study – Part Two – The Dragon.

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