Pick Your Chin Up Off The Ground – sing-along song – Junior Choir

“Pick Your Chin Up Off the Ground”, also known as “The Be Happy Song”, was written by Doyle Armstrong. Doyle was raised attending church. Some of his earliest memories are of singing specials with his parents. He joined the church choir at a very early age, and before he reached his twenties he was given the job of church choir director. Although he has had many career opportunities and hobbies, the main focus of his life has always been on his faith. He is a prolific song writer and many of his songs are written about making things better. He wrote this song for our kids as a special reminder to always Be Happy!

Pick your chin up off the ground. Try to make a happy sound. Jesus love will put a smile upon your face. We’re happy you are here, to us you’re very dear. Together we will win this Christian race.