Working For Him – Narrated Poem –

When God wants a task accomplished,
He knows just who to choose.

He can see deep down within,
And knows just who to use.

Each one of us are given tools,
They vary with each one.

But if we let Him guide us,
His will can be so done.

For then it can be achieved,
In a way to help us grow up.

And still be done for His sake,
As good seed we do sow.

Sometimes He gives us a task,
We do not fully understand.

It seems like trials and troubles
Occur on every hand.

As a Father whose knowledge is far reaching,
His thoughts are much higher than ours.

If we can learn to trust Him,
We would avoid such hindering scars.

We know that we can trust Him,
We’ve proved Him as our Lord.

Each day should be full of thanks,
For the truth He has richly restored.

It takes but a moment to look around you,
At all He’s done to bless.

The very breath of life He gives,
Is like a warm caress.

Now give faith and dedication,
Show it unto a magnanimous Lord.

Though so undeserving,
We shall reap an eternal reward.

Copyright © 2021

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