We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome

I want to share something with you,
And I really hope you’ll listen through
Some may take it for bad,
But I promise you, it is worthy and true

I’m thankful for the devil,
He was created for my good.
When I start to stray away from God,
Satan pushes me to do as I should.

Not because he wants to.
It’s just as God planned.
He knew without opposition,
I’d be lazy and not take a stand.

When the devil comes against me,
I must give it my all,
And fight the good fight of faith
So I don’t get weak and fall.

As I traverse this world of darkness
I must walk straight, stay in the Light.
Satan’s sneaky and always lurking,
Causing trouble and tries to fight.

So I put on God’s whole armor,
Armed with truth, the defense for my mind;
Putting trust in my precious Savior who’s conquered the foe;
He gives me strength to leave fears behind.

In the heat of the battle I give it my all
Realizing his attacks are just a sham;
For I can do all things through Christ as my strength –
After humbling down He became our precious lamb.

So brothers, sisters, let’s stand fast in love,
For we know where our strength comes from –
By the power of His Word and the blood of the Lamb,
Through His mercy, WE SHALL OVERCOME!

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