Way To Be Free – 24K Gold Music ORIGINAL Song

As the 24K Gold Music Show team performed around many different parts of Central Florida the excitement grew. We began to hear from our fans how the music made them feel and just how much they really enjoyed the show. Many of them would say that the music made them feel young again and for a few moments of time, they could forget their aches and pains. Others would say the music made them happy and carefree, while others would just say that the music did something inside of them that they just could not explain. One thing for sure, the music kept many of them coming back show after show. As Doyle began to hear all of their comments he decided to write, “Way To Be Free” as an original opening number for the show. It was a tribute of sort to all of the things that the fans had told him they liked about the music. It also was our way of saying that we wanted to give them the best show we could for that particular performance. So the curtain would open, and the band would crank it up a notch. Doyle, with all of his enthusiasm and even a few dance moves, would jump right into his lead vocal part. The girls would add the backing vocals, glitzy costumes and just the right dance moves. A lot of lighting and special effects were added to top off this number. We hope you enjoy our special video, “Way To Be Free”, as we remember and pay tribute to our many wonderful fans.

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