Parable of the Sower - Part 1

A close examination of the parable of the sower, and lessons we need to learn. This study is presented in six segments, with each one exploring further into the truth from that parable.

Parable of the Sower - Part 2

Parable of the Sower - Part 3

Parable of the Sower - Part 4

Parable of the Sower - Part 5

Parable of the Sower - Part 6

Parable of the Sower - SONG


Bodies In Heaven - What Kinds?

Many ask, "what kind of body will we have in heaven". Bible makes clear some details!

Learning To Fly

Up close lessons from Eagles, just as the Bible portrays them, to teach us about spiritual growth.

Chasing Shadows Part 1

Many people, without realizing, seek after what the Bible calls "shadows" rather than the real JESUS!

An Ancient Story, Revisited

An illustrated study (using special photo and video techniques) of the Prodigal son parable.

The Giraffe - Why So Unique?

God's purpose in creating animals to use as symbolic pictures in the Bible.

Creation Story (NOT what most assume)

The first few verses in the Bible are KEYS to truth, but most people sadly do not SEE that!

What Jesus Said That Few Believe

Most religions today contradict Jesus as to what being "born again" really means. IMPORTANT!

The Lion's Roar

How does the devil fulfill the "roaring lion" picture Peter wrote about? We need to know this truth!

Why All The Fuss? (about dress)

For thousands of years, religions have fought and condemned over dress "standards". WHY?

Eat To Live (source of spiritual life)


Love Will Keep Us - Narrated & illustrated

A poem about love and the people whom we hold dear in this life, narrated and illustrated.

23rd Psalm - Narrated & illustrated

The 23rd Psalm narrated and illustrated with video depictions of the scriptural story.

When You Lose Someone

Pastor Doyle Armstrong narrates a poem he wrote years ago, to help in a time such as this.

Reminder Prayers

A poem about prayers, narrated and illustrated.

Did we forget something?

A narrated and illustrated poem.


Tower of Babel TODAY - Part 1 (symbolic meanings from Genesis tied with Revelation)

When the religious world publishes a study on a subject such as this, they generally go the Hollywood route and use fancy garments and such. Both historical and archaeological findings as well as the Bible let us know that slaves (such as the children of Israel when slaves in Egypt) and the slaves used by Nimrod to build the tower of Babel were not ALLOWED to wear garments of any kind, other than loincloths WHEN summoned to appear before the ruler (Pharaoh or king). People who are familiar with that sort of thing (A LARGE PART of today's educated people) find it offensive when religions try to pass off FALSE stories from ancient times. We want to portray the truth, and yet attempt to not offend, so we have tried to prevent the scenes in this production from being offensive, while still conveying as accurate a portrayal as we possibly can today. We don't feel there is anything in this production that will in any way harm even small children, but please view it first before letting your children do so. We don't want to cause problems for anyone. Our desire is to make the Word of God more understandable by portraying things as closely as we can to the reality of those days. We DO NOT depict the violence of those times nearly to the degree it existed, but do present a SLIGHT portrayal of the hardships people lived under in those days.

Tower of Babel TODAY - Part 2 (more details of Bible symbolism portrayed)






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