You Needed Me – Inspirational Singers

The first few notes of this song will seem familiar to almost everyone, but listen closely! Of course, “You Needed Me”, by Anne Murray, was one of the biggest hits of 1978. It brought Anne her first Grammy Award in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Anne was quite fond of the song and has said it was her personal favorite from the long list of songs she recorded. The moving lyrics of, “You Needed Me”, brought her to tears the first time she sang it. Songwriter Rusty Goodrum has said the song is about “unconditional, undeserved love”. He goes on to say “You Needed Me” asks the question “How can you love me as though I am perfect, when I’m not?”

These are the reasons the Inspirational Singers have taken “You Needed Me” to a new level. They have rewritten some of the words and have made a truly inspiring gospel song. “You Needed Me” beautifully portrays how we feel about our relationship with our wonderful Savior as He has bestowed unconditional, undeserved love to us. When we accept that love we realize that we are undeserving, mortal creatures that will never be as perfect as God, our heavenly Father. One can only stand in total amazement at the wonderful plan of salvation. So please join us as the girls sing our gospel version of “You Needed Me”.

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