Sing-A-Long Junior Choir Chorus – WHEN WE SEE CHRIST

Every true child of God longs for the day when this time world gives way to our endless eternity were we live with our Father, God Almighty and our Savior, Jesus His Son forever. This beautiful hymn was written by Esther Kerr Rushtoi. She was the author of a variety of writings but this is the best known of all of her works. It is not as old as many of the songs we think of as classics but because of the wonderful words it quickly became a favorite of many. The title is officially noted as, “It Will Be Worth It All, When We See Christ”, however each section of the title have been used separately when referring to this song. So, whether you call it, “It Will Be Worth It All”, or “When We See Christ”, or even if you use the complete title, we invite you to join our “Sing-A-Long Choir” for this inspiring hymn!

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