The Gift of Salvation – Inspirational Singers

We are very happy to share our Inspiration Quartet, and their very own rendition of, “The Plan Of Salvation”! This wonderful Southern Gospel song was written by Ruby Moody, and the earliest recordings date back to the mid 1960’s. The most popular version to date, was recorded by the Cathedrals in 1986.

This song has been a long time favorite with our team but after careful consideration it was decided to change a few of the words. The guys in the quartet and the entire team wanted to express just how much they were thankful for not only the “Plan of Salvation” but they wanted to offer praise and thanksgiving for the fact that they have received the “Gift Of Salvation”. God’s gift of salvation, the greatest gift to mankind ever! With a catchy tune, powerful lyrics, and a booming bass line, this song is sure to be included on your play list.

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