Inspiration Singers – REMIND ME DEAR LORD

Dottie Rambo is the author of the classic and timeless hymn, “Remind Me Dear Lord”. Dottie was a prolific song writer, writing mostly southern style gospel songs. Her career as a singer/songwriter began when she was very young. She taught herself to play the guitar by listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio. As a young teen, she set out traveling from town to town, church to church, sharing her music with others. She met her husband at a revival meeting when she was a just sixteen years old and they were married soon after. Dottie wrote “Remind Me Dear Lord” on her way home from signing her first music contract. She was expressing her thankfulness for the way things worked out. She quoted the prayer that she prayed that day, “Lord, I appreciate You doing this for me. I know you must have done a million things like this that I did not know about or do not remember, and have not thanked you for, but you know me. I am human and I forget. But when You do good things, just roll back the curtain and remind me of them and I’ll thank you for them.” She took those thoughts that were on her heart and began to write the song, and by the time she got home the song was finished.

Living in our day and time we can find ourselves very busy. Everyday things like family, work, and daily chores take can take up a large portion of our time. When we add in the many modern-day devices such as time on the computers, tablets, phones, and such, a day can slip by before we realize it. This song is a great reminder that no matter how busy we might think we are, we need to always stay focused on the work of our Heavenly Father and the many blessings He has given us.

The girls take the lead on “Remind Me Dear Lord”. They are backed our team of musicians and the entire crew at If you enjoy heartfelt gospel music as we do, we invite you to check back with us as our list of available titles is growing!

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