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Many times songwriters will write their songs to tell a story. This song tells a story but it also has a story! The original song, “There Goes My Everything”, was written by Dallas Frasier and successfully released by Jack Greene in 1966. Greene’s version won Single of the Year and Jack also won Male Vocalist of the Year at the Country Music Awards ceremony. Here is where the story adds another character, as now it is recorded by Elvis. Elvis so many times took songs that were successful, or ones that he personally liked, and recorded them in his own style. He would add his own personal touch to them, and most of the time that caused them to seem bigger or better than the original recordings. This song was no different, Elvis’s cover version made the top 10 on the country charts in 1970.

But the story does not end there, it takes a rather mysterious twist. The song comes back with the same tune but different words and this time it is a gospel song. No one seems to know who rewrote the words for this wonderful gospel song. Here is what we do know: The earliest recording of “He Is My Everything” was done by Charlie Walker in 1968, the same year that the author of the song, Dallas Frasier, went into the ministry. Also once again, Elvis records the gospel version of the song in 1971.

Our final chapter of this story is that our Inspiration Singers have tweaked the words just a bit again and have made this wonderful version for all to enjoy!

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