God On the Mountain – sing-along song – Junior Choir

This wonderful hymn gives good advice to those finding themselves in the valley: “Don’t lose faith”! It reminds us that God does not leave His children when they are going through difficult times. Our Heavenly Father blesses us with good times and cares for us during bad times. The song was written in 1973 by Tracy Dartt, who is the musical leader of the singing Dartt Family. There have been over 200 known recordings of this famous, number one Southern Gospel hit song over the years.

Our sing-along choir began many years ago as a children’s choir. Many of its members began singing together as soon as they could stand and make a few of the words come out! As time went on, new young members were added, but we never wanted to restrict the age of someone who wants to sing praises to Jesus, our wonderful savior, and God, our loving Heavenly Father. For this reason, you will see a variety of ages among the dedicated young singers in our sing-along choir. We hope you enjoy this video presentation as they sing a very heartfelt version of this inspiring hymn.

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