Forever And Ever, Amen – sing-along song – Junior Choir

Donald Alan Schlitz Jr. and Paul Overstreet are the co-writers of the number one hit song, “Forever and Ever, Amen”. From the very beginning it had a gospel type feel to it. Maybe it was because of the word “Amen” or maybe it was because the song actually got its inspiration from Don Schlitz’s young son who would say his prayers at night then tell his mother that he loved her “forever and ever, amen”. Schiltz and Overstreet’s version was a success and offered a catchy tune. Our team took the song and rewrote the words to sing about Jesus who is so deserving of all of our love forever and ever amen!

Please enjoy this video of our sing-a-long choir as they present their own unique version of “Forever and Ever, Amen”.

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