Down From His Glory – Inspirational Singers

In this video our inspirational singers are singing a message of appreciation and wonder for our Lord and Creator coming down from His mighty power to be our precious redeemer. “Down from His Glory” was written by William E. Booth-Clibborn, born on August 4, 1893 in Switzerland, and died in the United States in 1969. The tune comes from Ole Sole Mio which was written in the late 1800’s.

The chorus of the song says:
“Oh, how I love Him
How I adore Him
My breath, my sunshine
My all in all;
The great Creator
Became my Savior
And all God’s fullness
Dwelleth in Him.”

We want to share this song with a genuine feeling of thankfulness to our Lord and Savior for being our Creator then forever being our Saviour. We hope that you will enjoy our inspirational song videos.

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