Don’t Try To Tell Me That God Is Dead – sing-along song – Junior Choir

In this video our junior choir is singing an old song called “Don’t Try To Tell Me That God Is Dead” that expresses the reality of God being alive and in the hearts of His people.

Our children enjoy singing this song along with our musicians. With so many people in the world today denying the existence of God, we think it is important to keep encouraging our kids to stay strong and hold on to their faith even though discouragement is all around.

This song was written by A.H. Ackley who was born in Pennsylvania in 1887. He is said to have written about 1,500 hymns in his lifetime. Many of the hymns that we sing come from years past, but we sing a few more recent ones too.

We hope you enjoy these hymns, and gain some encouragement from them.

These sing along songs can offer a great means of teaching basic lessons to children, which they can remember very well thanks to the music and melody. The end of this song we sing “Don’t try to tell me that God is dead, I talked to Him today” and that is what we want to encourage in a child’s daily life, to continue going to Him in prayer.

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