He Was There All The Time – sing-along song – Junior Choir

“He Was There All the Time,” is a thought-provoking, ballad type hymn. Often, in our busy lives, we forget what blessings we have available to us. Our sing-along-choir has produced a very thoughtful version of this song and it is a delight to listen to.

Gary Sanford Paxton was born Larry Wayne Stevens on May 18, 1939. He grew up in poor and rough circumstances. He wrote many very popular secular hits before he turned to writing gospel music during the hippie “Jesus Movement”.

He wrote the song, “He Was There All the Time” which has been recorded numerous times. He passed away in 2016 at age 77 from complications of heart surgery and disease of the liver.

He was an American record producer, recording artist, and Grammy and Dove Award winning songwriter. Paxton was the producer of two number one Billboard Hot 100 singles, “Alley Oop” for The Hollywood Argyles in 1960 and “Monster Mash” for Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962.