No Pain No Gain

When the pain is hard to bear,
And cares seem to oppress us;
There is One who really cares –
The power to help He possesses.

He promised not to put on us
More than we could bear,
And every trial that we’re allowed
Is a privilege to share.

All things that come work for our good
When we always put Him first,
His arms are wrapped around in love
To help us bear the worst.

The key to going through our trials
Is to think and pray for others
It helps to lift the load we have
To lift in prayer our “brothers”.

Job sat in pain for many years
Cause God allowed it so…
And in the end He dried his tears
And blessed him even more.

To suffer pain is not the end
For Christ has won the vict’ry
It’s only flesh that cries and cries
And wails at all the mis’ry.

When we are frail and try to walk
And stumble day by day
Our Father stands with outstretched hands
To coax us on the way

“Keep walking child and if you fall,
Get up and try again,”
I’m here to guide and give you strength
Your race on earth to win!”

Copyright © 2021

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