I Fall To Pieces – Stand By Your Man – All Alone Am I – My Heart Will go On – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows features our Lady Legend Tribute Set with great songs by some of the most popular woman in music history.

Jeanine performs the first song, “I Fall To Pieces” originally recorded by country music singer Patsy Cline. Patsy released the song in 1961. Timing was not exactly on the side of this song. It was released in a time when women were not widely accepted in the music field. The song’s success started out slowly as it struggled to get the radio play that it needed. Musical artists would often travel around to radio stations to promote their recordings but as bad timing would have it Patsy was in a the hospital from a near fatal car accident and was not released until the song had started to move off the charts. Bad timing, maybe, but successful, yes! With all of its troubles, this song still reached number one on the country charts and has become a country music standard.

Tammy performs the next number, Tammy Wynette’s big hit, “Stand By Your Man”. “Stand By Your Man” was written by Wynette and her producer, Billy Sherrill. They have said that it took them fifteen minutes to write the entire song. Strangely enough, Tammy Wynette did not like the song at first. She said it was different from her other songs and that it had a note that was too high for her to sing. Time changed things and she ended up loving the song and including it in every show. “Stand By Your Man” has become one of the most recognizable songs in all of country music. It is listed in the number one spot on CMT’s Top 100 Country Songs.

Lauren perfoms a wonderful rendition of “All Alone Am I” by Brenda Lee. “All Alone Am I” was originally written in Greek. It was translated into English and revised by Authur Altman. Brenda successfully released “All Alone Am I” in 1962 and it reached number three on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song tells the lonely tale of woe as the young lady is left by her love to be alone with just her broken heart beating.

Cheryl performs the final song on this video clip, the theme song from the movie Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On” sung by Celine Dion. “My Heart Will Go On” is a powerfully emotional ballad recorded and released in 1997.

When the idea to do the song was first pitched to Celine she was not interested. She had just completed the theme song for Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Urged on by her husband/manager she did the recording. The song, “My Heart Will Go On” became the second-best-selling single by a female artist in history.

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