Don’t Try To Tell Me That God Is Dead – sing-along song – Junior Choir

The sing-a-long-junior-choir sings a rousing version of “Don’t Try to Tell Me That God Is Dead” and put their hearts into it as they strive to live each day for their wonderful Lord!

Alfred Henry Ackley wrote this song, as well as writing over 1,500 hymns and secular songs. He is the brother of Bentley D. Ackley who was also a music composer. Alfred was born January 21, 1887 in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania and was the youngest son of Stanley Frank Ackley. Alfred received his early musical training from his father and later he studied the cello at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Alfred worked as an evangelist and also for Homer Rodeheaver’s publishing company. Many are familiar with the Rodeheaver hymnals which contain many inspiring songs. Alfred died July 3, 1960 in Los Angeles at the age of 73.