Beastly Lesson

When we view nature in the wild, Through the eyes of a little child. There’s one thing we can’t help but see, And learn a lesson, you and me.

There’s quite a diff’rence in the beast, Who has to work to earn his feast, Compared to one man’s dom-i-ciled, Who’s never struggled in the wild.

The pet we see with shiny hair, Has never learned to feel despair. He’s never starved for days on end, No one to care, without a friend.

He runs and plays, enjoys the time, His master gives him; it’s sublime. His master’s fam’ly are his friends, They’ll feed him till his journey ends.

Now let’s compare the wild, the tame, To check their souls, are they the same? The wild ones eat what they can chew, The tame ones stop; look up at you,

If you should change their fav’rite dish, For something they would feed the fish. If they are used to life inside, The yard at night would hurt their pride,

For as a pet, they do get proud, From those whose care they are allowed. For in the eyes of ev’ry pet, The master is the one to get,

Them ev’rything they might desire, While they curl up beside the fire, And dream of how good life can be, With faithful servants, you and me.

Now all these things I’ve written here, Can show us something we should fear, For soulish beasts and soulish man, Are both alike, and that’s the plan.

For God intends that we should learn, From an-i-mals so we will turn, Away from acting like a pet, So we’ll remember; not forget….

That God does not just bring us home, So we’re not in the streets to roam, He doesn’t take us in the house, To shake His hand or chase a mouse,

But He’s the farmer, we’re the team, So we can’t lie around and dream. For even as most wild beast’s prey, To earn their food most ev’ry day,

We also have much work to do, If we’re to please our master, WHO, Will not be happy if we laze, Around like pets throughout our days.

I want to clarify the thought, No need to sell what we have bought, The pet that we have spoiled so, Would not survive if we would throw,

Him out to live among the wild, For he was pampered as a child. That very fact should help us learn,
That should our children think us stern,

It’s still important that they know, From the time they start to grow, WE MUST NOT SPOIL THEM; DON’T FORGET…. GOD DOESN’T WANT THEM FOR A PET!

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