Twilight Time – Pennies From Heaven – Teenager In Love – 24K Gold Music Shows

24K Gold Music Shows performs a variety of some of the most famous songs of the 50’s and 60’s in this three song set.

Due to the busy schedule of 24K Gold Music Shows during our touring days, the band would work up the backing music and then the vocalists would later come for practice to bring the number together. For the instrumentation of “Twilight Time”, the band took versions from many of the most popular releases of this song. This was a good idea except the song was on the show schedule and Doyle was busy attending to other 24K Gold Music Shows duties and had to miss vocal practice this week. With the marks of true showmanship, Doyle went on to perform the song as planned without the benefits of practicing the number. The 24K Gold Music Shows fans were delighted, and song was performed with all the emotion and intensity they came to enjoy. “Twilight Time” is an old faithful of standards to oldies music and was first recorded as an instrumental in 1944. Big band leader Jimmy Dorsey, along with vocalist Teddy Walters, released the first vocal version in 1945. The most well-known version was recorded and released by the Platters in 1958. This proved to be a highly successful release for the Platters, as “Twilight Time” rose to number one on the charts and became an all-time oldies great.

As soon as one hears the song title “Pennies From Heaven”, Bing Crosby comes to mind. Bing recorded this song for the motion picture of the same name in 1936. Bing and his beloved tune would reach the number one spot on the charts and would remain there for 10 weeks. He subsequently recorded “Pennies From Heaven” two more times, each as an updated version. “Pennies From Heaven”, being recorded in 1936, was a bit older than most of the songs that made their way into the 24K Gold Music Shows, but with Doyle providing the lead vocal, and the girls backing him with their sweet harmonies and cute costumes of raincoats of umbrellas, this number was always a big hit with our fans!

“Teenager In Love”, noted as one of the best songs of early rock and roll, is the highly acclaimed hit from Dion and the Belmonts. Dion and the Belmonts were a quartet of childhood friends that got their start from singing on street corners in the Bronx. The group of young friends released “Teenager In Love” in 1959. The song tells of the ups and downs of being a teenager in love with one day being so happy and the next so sad. The relatable lyrics and catchy tune from “Teenager In Love” was written by the songwriting team of Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman which also wrote “Save The Last Dance For Me” and “This Magic Moment”, both of which 24K Gold Music Shows also covered and feature on their live concert video list.

The entire 24K Gold Music Show team hopes you enjoy this collection of great oldies songs from the past.

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