Lady Legends – The Way We Were – I Only Wanna Be With You – Precious Memories – 24K Gold Music Shows

The Lady Legends portion of our shows started out with the girls practicing songs from some of the most well-known ladies of the oldies era. They chose songs that closely matched their own vocal ranges and talents. Costumes would then be added that would resemble the ones the original artist wore while doing their own live performances of the songs.

It is no secret that the costumes the girls wore in the shows, and many that the male singers and band wore, were handmade by 24K Gold Music show team members. Even some of the Elvis suits were handmade by our team. So decked out in their hand sewn costume with songs ready to go, the Lady Legend portion of 24 K Gold Music Shows was an instant success. Our audiences loved this portion of our show!

This Lady Legends video clip features Jeanine, doing her cover version of Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were”.

The Way We Were”, was released along with the movie of the same title that starred Barbra along with costar Robert Redford. This song was number one on the top 40 charts for a total of 3 weeks. The lyrics were written by Alan Bergman and his wife Marilyn while Marvin Hamlisch did the musical composition. Somehow along the way, “The Way We Were” has become a symbol of sorts for the days and times of the 1970’s. As the Baby Boomer era morphs into Generation X the traditional family begins to change. This caused many folks to begin looking for a new kind of normal as the “Way We Were” fades away.

Tammy, performs the cover of Dusty Springfield’s, “I Only Want To Be With You”. Dusty had a long and successful career spanning over 4 decades. Early on in her career she helped to form The Springfield’s with her brother, Tom. The Springfield’s most well-known hit was “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”, which reached number twenty on the charts. A year later in 1963, Dusty launched her solo career and released the song that would become her signature hit, “I Only Want To Be With You”. It reached number 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the US and number 4 in UK. It has stood the test of time as it has been covered and released several times. It has also been used in television shows and motion pictures.

The final song on this video features Lauren as Brenda Lee. It is a classy tribute to Brenda Lee and her song, “Precious Memories”. “Precious Memories” was the title release of her 1997 album. John Wright wrote the song after the death of his young son from diphtheria. More sadness surrounds this song as John Wright was denied the verbal copyright agreement and was only paid a mere thirty-six dollars for writing this beloved song that has been recorded and released by more than fifty artists to date.

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