The Twist – 24K Gold Music Shows

Please join us as 24K Gold Music Shows presents their lively cover version of ‘The Twist’!

This is the song that started the twist dance craze! It was simple; anyone could do it, no practice was needed, and it did not require a partner. After this song and dance combo became a hit, many more songs were written and recorded to give a backdrop to the new moves including Chubby Checker’s own ‘Let’s Twist Again’.

‘The Twist’ was originally written and released by Hank Ballard. It was played for young Dick Clark, the host of American Bandstand. He loved the song but strangely, he passed up using Ballard as the performing artist. Today there are many speculations that surround this snub. It has even been suggested that Ballard did not have the clean cut image needed in that day as he had released songs with lyrics that were not acceptable for younger audiences. Chubby Checker was pitched to Clark and given the nod.

Ernest Evans was his given name but his co-workers called him Chubby. It was Dick Clark’s witty wife, Barbara who paired chubby with checker as a take-off from the immensely popular, Fats Domino.

This song has remained popular through the years, as Chubby Checker has re-released it several more times since the original. It has taken a spot on many charts but most notably it has been named the “biggest hit of all time” by Billboard Magazine.

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