Sinner Saved By Grace – (3 Generation Quartet) – 24K Gold Music Shows

“Sinner Saved By Grace” is a beautiful inspirational song written by the husband and wife songwriting team of Bill and Gloria Gaither. This song was added to the show line-up after we noticed that some of our fans truly enjoyed southern gospel music. The high impact words strike a chord with every honest-hearted Christian with its line: “I’m just a sinner saved by grace. When I stood condemned to death He took my place”. Powerful words, yes! The 3 Generation Quartet sings this song with heartfelt inspiration as a song of praise to our Savior for taking our place and keeping us under his grace. 24K Gold Music Show’s 3 Generation Quartet consists of Doyle, who is the father and grandfather, his son, Denny, and Denny’s two sons, David and Matthew. We were always very happy to have the guys onstage and performing their numbers. The audience always loved the fact that they were family and that they sang their numbers with such heartfelt emotions.

Please join the 24K Gold Music Show’s 3 Generation Quartet and the entire team as we present our version of “Sinner Saved By Grace”.

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