Since I Don’t Have You – One Fine Day – 24K Gold Music Shows

The 24K Gold Music team does a marvelous rendition of the Skyliners’ hit song, Since I Don’t Have You. This melodic ballad became popular in 1958. The Skyliners wrote and performed the song featuring the captivating falsetto of Jimmy Beaumont and the soprano of Janet Vogel. The rest of the group was composed of Wally Lester (tenor), Jackie Taylor (bass voice, guitarist), Joe Verscharen (baritone).

Since I Don’t Have You was featured in five films and several television shows.

In 1981 Don McLean did a rendition of Since I Don’t Have You and it was almost as successful as the Skyliners’ original version. Others such as Barbra Streisand, the Four Seasons, Manfred Mann, Jay and the Americans, the Vogues, and Ricky Nelson also made recordings of the song.

The song that follows on this video excerpt is One Fine Day, originally recorded by the Chiffons. It features Jeanine and Marlene from the 24K Gold Music Shows. They do a great performance of this upbeat song. It is easy to see that they are enjoying this performance as it captures their sometimes playful and fun loving approach in their efforts to keep the oldies music alive.

The song was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin in 1963. They passed it on to the Tokens who reworked the song and gave it to the Chiffons to record. Carole King recorded her rendition of the song and it made it to number 12 on the charts. The song was recorded by at least 26 other music artists and in five or more languages.

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