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Have you ever wondered why single records had “B” side? Was it because vinyl records came out in an era when American’s still subscribed to the theory of waste not, want not? Was it because zealous record companies wanted to do anything possible to promote and sell records? Did it just make good sense to use what was available? No matter what the reason, most everyone flipped their favorite 45 record and listened to the “B” side. “Silence Is Golden was the highly successful “B” side release of the hit record “Rag Doll” for the group, Four Seasons. Together this duo of songs sold over a million copies and earned gold disc status. The song “Silence Is Golden” was also successfully recorded and released by the Tremeloes.

The first recording of “Love Will Keep Us Together” was sang by Neil Sedaka in 1973. The most popular version of the song was done by American pop duo Captain & Tennille and was the best-selling US single of 1975.

Captain & Tennille were each very musically talented. Captain, Darryl Dragon, was the instrumentalist on all of the music tracks for “Love Will Keep Us Together” except the drums, which were played by Hal Blaine. Captain’s early career included various musical accomplishments but most notably he was the keyboard player for The Beach Boys for a time. While playing for them he recommended adding Toni Tennille to the group, making her the one and only “Beach Girl”. Tennille, a pianist, also had various musical accomplishments as she sang and recorded backing vocals for several groups.

“No One” is an original song written and sang by the 24K Gold Music Show Band featuring the trombone. 24K Gold Music Shows used many original songs written by the band’s leader, Doyle Armstrong. “No One” is a ballad that centers around the thought of searching for lost love. It draws from the loneliness that one can feel when the love of their life is lost.

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