Sea Cruise – 24K Gold Music Shows

24k Gold Music Shows cruises back to the golden oldies era with Lauren and the girls performing the fun hit “Sea Cruise” full of energy with singing and dancing. The song originally came out in 1959, and made a top 20 hit by Frankie Ford. Selling over one million copies, “Sea Cruise” earned gold disc status. Its upbeat tempo and beat made it popular with the young crowd of the day. A unique feature of the song is that it includes ship’s bell and horn sound-effects. At the peak of the British Invasion, Herman’s Hermits did a cover of the song in 1965, making it a hit once again. The lead singer of Herman’s Hermits, Peter Noone, still performs “Sea Cruise” regularly at his concerts. 24K Gold Music Shows perform classic hits such as this and many more in hopes of it bringing a smile to your face and happy memories from days gone by.

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