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24K Gold Music Shows was always happy to include a tribute to the legendary and talented, Roy Orbison. Acclaimed by many – including Elvis – to be the greatest singer of all time, Roy had 22 songs to reach the top 40 on Billboard’s Top 40 Charts. “Love Hurts” was originally recorded by The Everly Brothers and was first released on their album from 1960, A Date With The Everly Brothers. Due to an unforeseen legal dispute, their recording was not released as a single as planned. The record company gave “Love Hurts” to Roy and he released it on the B side of his number one hit single, “Running Scared”. Roy took the song and made it his own with his unique, emotional style. The song has since been covered and released by a long list of artists.

“Only The Lonely” is officially noted as the song that kick-started Roy’s career.

Roy Orbison co-wrote the song along with his friend, Bill Melson. Since Roy’s previous recordings had proven to be less than hoped for, the songwriting duo pitched their song to Elvis and the Everly Brothers. After being turned down, it was decided that Roy would record the song. The song was a success and it peaked at number two on the charts in 1960.

Please join the 24K Gold Music Show team for our special tribute performance to Roy Orbison.

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