Lipstick On Your Collar – Do You Know You Are My Sunshine – 24K Gold Music Shows

Connie Francis recorded the original version of “Lipstick on Your Collar” in 1959. It was written by George Goehring who personally offered it to Connie, making an unannounced visit to her New Jersey home and playing the song on her piano. Connie’s release of this song was very successful and it reached #5 on the charts.

As soon as the lyrics of this famous song begin everyone realizes something is not quite right. 24K Gold Music Shows takes full advantage of this situation and brings a delightfully humorous skit to portray the problem!

The song is followed by the Three Generation Quartet’s version of “Do You Know You are My Sunshine.” Doyle and his son, Denny, along with his two sons David and Matthew, team up to provide the vocals and heart felt harmonies to bring back wonderful memories of the past.

“Do You Know You Are My Sunshine” was written by Don Reid and Harold Reid of the Statler Brothers. The group recorded the song in 1978. It was the first of four number one hits on the country chart, as well as the group’s only number one hit with their original tenor Lew DeWitt. The single stayed at number one for two weeks.

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