ELVIS SHOW OPENING – 2001 – CC Rider – Welcome To My World – 24K Gold Music Shows

It only seemed fitting for “The King of Rock and Roll” to enter the stage with grandeur. In the 1970’s, and maybe still yet today, there was no better suited song than “2001-A Space Odyssey”. This song builds excitement like no other. When the horns call out and the timpani send their response you know something exciting is about to happen. Elvis used this song as his opening number and his fans would go wild. 24K Gold Music Shows chose to base the Elvis portion of our shows on Elvis’ own 1970 concert versions so “2001- A Space Odyssey” was the only reasonable choice as our Elvis opener.

In many of Elvis’ live performances including Aloha Hawaii he would move right on into his next song, See See Rider, and that is exactly what we do in this video clip. See See Rider, sometimes noted as C.C. Rider, is an old time blues number. The writing credit goes to Ma Rainey, and Lena Arant. Rainey, known as “The Mother of Blues” was a performer in the 1920’s and recorded some of the first ever blues recordings.

“Welcome To My World” was the title track for the last album Elvis would release before his death in 1977. The album was certified gold and then platinum by RIAA. “Welcome To My World” has been released by many successful artist but most notable was Jim Reeves’ version from 1964. A unique fact about this hit song is the Bible reference taken from Jesus’ sermon on the mountain. Knock and the door will be open, seek and you will find, ask and you will be given. Although not a direct quote, there is no doubt of the author’s intentions with the lyrics here.

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