Elvira – She’s A Miracle – 24K Gold Music Shows

Elvira” is a country music song originally written and recorded in 1966 by Dallas Frazier. “Elvira” was recorded by multiple artists over the next 15 years including Kenny Rogers but it was The Oak Ridge Boys who really put “Elvira” on the map by reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in March of 1981; and is now considered one of their signature songs. Interestingly enough, the title of the song was inspired not by the name of a woman, but by the name of a street in East Nashville, Tennessee. “Elvira” became one of 24K Gold Music Shows’ most requested song through the years performed over 115 times by the 3 Generation Quartet.

“She’s A Miracle”, also performed by the 3 Generation Quartet, was originally recorded by the rock turned country music group Exile, and reached number one in 1985. “She’s A Miracle” was written by founder/member J.P. Pennington and Sonny LeMaire. Exile formed in Richmond, Kentucky and began performing rock music in the late 60’s. They re-established as a country music group in 1983 and had a string of number one hits in addition to “She’s A Miracle”. Exile is still performing today and kicked off their 55th anniversary tour in 2018.

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