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We hope you will enjoy this video excerpt from one of our 24K Gold LIVE Music Shows featuring two hit songs.

The first song titled “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” was written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George Weiss. The melody comes from a popular French love song from 1784. It is said that the people surrounding Elvis at the time did not like this song, but Elvis loved it, and went on to record it. The song was included in the movie “Blue Hawaii” in 1961. Even though it is known as a wonderful love ballad today, Elvis sang it to his on-screen grandmother in the movie. It became one of his most famous songs and was performed in many of his concerts, usually as the closing number, due to its popularity.

“Suspicious Minds” was the last number one ranking song by Elvis Presley before he died. Presley loved the song as soon as it was brought to him in 1969, and decided he could make it into a hit. It was written by Mark James, who recorded his own version, which was not successful. The lyrics describe a scenario where someone’s loved one is continuously suspicious, and it feels like being “caught in a trap.” Elvis performed this song throughout his 1970’s concerts with a high level of energy, and would even occasionally insert some comedy during his performances. Those concerts were considered some of the highest caliber performances of his very successful career, and the live recordings from the shows have been very popular throughout the years.

In this video excerpt from one of our live oldies music shows, our 24K Gold Music team performs here with Doyle singing lead, and our singer/dancers backing him for a fun, high impact version of Presley’s great hit “Suspicious Minds.”

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