Burning Love – Rhinestones and Rainbows – 24K Gold Music Shows

The 24K Gold Music team do a wonderful rendition of Elvis Presley’s hit “Burning Love”. They do not try to impersonate Elvis Presley but pay tribute to the well-known artist doing his renditions from his 1970’s concert versions. This song was recorded by Elvis in 1972 and was written by Dennis Linde and originally recorded by country soul artist Arthur Alexander. Dennis Linde can be heard on the Elvis version of ‘Burning Love’ playing the electric guitar as he was overdubbed onto the recording.

Due to its wide popularity, many artists have performed or recorded this song. It has been used in motion pictures, television shows, and commercials. It can also be heard playing at various events all over the world still yet today.

Disney used “Burning Love” in its commercials for one of their films in 2014. The song was also used as a wake-up song on the space shuttle mission STS-123.

“Rhinestones and Rainbows” follows “Burning Love” on this video clip and is a 24K Gold Music Shows original written by Doyle Armstrong and performed by the 24K Gold Music Show’s six girl singers. The music is soothing and the words are uplifting and sung in melodious harmony while the girls follow a choreographed dance routine.

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