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“True Love Ways” was written by Buddy Holly for his wife, Maria. Buddy met Maria while she was working as a receptionist for a music publisher in New York. Buddy asked Maria for a date but had to get permission from her guardian aunt before Maria would consent. It was that first date that Buddy asked Maria to be his wife. The couple were soon married and Buddy wrote this song for her as a wedding gift. Buddy took inspiration for the tune from his favorite hymn “I’ll Be Alright” by the Angelic Gospel Singers, which was played at Buddy’s funeral. The love story between Buddy and Maria ends sadly. She had been his constant companion during his touring, until this trip. Maria had stayed behind because she was not feeling well. She then blamed herself for his death, as she felt he would not had gotten on the plane if she had been with him.

“Runaway” is the snappy and upbeat hit song recorded and released by Del Shannon in 1961. As it was climbing the charts, Del Shannon was given the coveted invitation to appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. This appearance helped to boost the song to number one on the charts, where it remained for four weeks. “Runaway” was written by Del Shannon and his keyboard player, Max Crook, who had invented his own version of an early electric piano. The two incorporated this new sound into the recording of “Runaway”. The sound engineer then took the recording and sped it up a bit, which added to the uniqueness of this new sound. This widely popular fan favorite has become a standard for oldies music and is still included on many recordings yet today.

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