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The girls from 24K Gold Music Shows always made the “Lady Legends” portion of the show special for the fans. In this video clip we present a special five song set of hits songs made popular by favorite lady performers from the oldies era.

What happens when a very famous Canadian asks a fellow countrywoman to join her on a live CBS television special? You end up with this classic duo from Anne Murray and Celine Dion. Anne asked Celine to join her in a duet and she agreed. Celine’s busy schedule did not permit her to attend the practice session for this number so Celine actually phoned it in! She called Anne and they ran through the number over the phone. The following day the show took place, and the song began with Anne alone on stage, not knowing for sure what would happen. Celine takes the stage perfectly on cue and the duet was performed flawlessly. The song chosen for this duet, “When I Fall In Love”, was first made a hit by Doris Day in 1952. On this 24K Gold Music video we feature Tammy and Cheryl performing this heartfelt rendition. Tammy performed several of Anne Murray songs in the Lady Legends set and Cheryl performed many of Celine’s most popular hits, so it only seemed right to pair the 24K Gold duo for this emotional version of a wonderful old song.

Next up on this video is a fan favorite for sure. Jeanine always pleased the audiences with her Patsy Cline hits from the past and “Sweet Dreams” was no exception. Had Patsy not been killed at age 30 in a crash she might have very well become the best-known singer of all time. She has been awarded many honors since her death and millions of her albums have been sold, which according to the experts has raised her to the level of stars such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Patsy became famous when she was very young for her fringed stage outfits which she designed and her mom sewed for her. The 24K Gold Music team had its very own in-house costume designers, so many of Patsy’s famous outfits were duplicated for Jeanine.

Next up is Tammy’s version of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”. While watching this video please keep in mind this is an actual footage from a live performance. Notice how quickly Tammy goes from Anne Murray to Tammy Wynette! It was always amazing how quickly the girls could switch costumes. Sometimes they would actually leave the stage and change costumes during a song. But to change costumes and capture a completely different persona is 24K Gold Music Shows’ talent at its best!

To the delight of the audiences all around central Florida, Cheryl was called on by the 24K Gold Music Show to present many emotional, power ballads from a wide range of female vocalists. In this video she gives another highly emotional rendition of Jo Dee Messina’s “Because You Love Me”. Jo Dee released “Because You Love Me” as a single in 1999 and it rose to number eight on the charts. Jo Dee’s country music career has been met with a lot of success, as she has had nine number one hit songs along with 16 top 40 hits and has sold over five million records worldwide.

Brenda Lee was certainly one of the greatest lady legends in the early 1960’s with her 37 US charted hits, a number surpassed only by Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Ray Charles, and Connie Francis. Before she sang this song, “If You Love Me”, it had already been recorded by people such as Bing Crosby, and had been up to number four on the US charts in 1954 when sung by Kaye Star. Many others recorded it in future years but Brenda’s version still holds a lot of memories for those who lived during that time. Lauren, Doyle’s granddaughter, began singing with the group at the age of 9! To the delight of the fans of 24K Gold Music Shows, she developed a repertoire of Brenda Lee songs, the first of which was Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”. Over the years she added many of Brenda’s most popular songs.

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