Let It Be Me – Ice Cream (Original Song by 24K Gold Music Shows)

“Let It Be Me” was written and originally recorded in French and the first version was released in 1955. The Everly Brothers released their English version in 1960 and it rose to number seven on the charts. As always, this version featured the closely-knit vocal harmonies the brothers were so famous for. The most popular version was released by the duet featuring Betty Everett and Jerry Butler in 1964. Their version captured the emotion of the song and has become a standard favorite on the oldies lists today.

This lovely ballad was always a very special song for 24K Gold Music Show team as it is the only number that features Doyle singing with both of his children, Denny and Tammy, as a trio. They took parts from both of the classic versions of this song for a beautiful cover version. We hope you enjoy this video clip of “Let It Be Me”.

“Ice Cream” is a 24K Gold Original hit as we called them. Hit, you might wonder? They are hits with us and hits with our fans! “Ice Cream was written by Doyle and he takes the lead on this video backed by the girls and the band. The song tells of Doyle’s own personal love for everyone’s favorite, ice cream. It has a catchy tune that is sure to draw you in.

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