How Great Thou Art – 24K Gold Music Shows

This 24K Gold Music Show video clip features “How Great Thou Art” from the Elvis portion of our shows.

Elvis was raised attending church and was no stranger to gospel music. He took the gospel side of his music very seriously, putting extra effort into his arrangements and performances. Elvis released “How Great Thou Art” in 1967 and won a Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance the same year.

“How Great Thou Art” was written in the mid 1800’s by Carl Boberg. It was translated to English and rearranged by Stuart K. Hine who gets the credit for its writing. The song has been said to be taken from various text of scripture but does not directly quote a particular passage. It is listed as the number two all-time favorite hymn directly behind “Amazing Grace”.

For the performance of this beloved gospel song, the 24K Gold Music Show team always tried to make this a powerful and uplifting rendition. Team members would join in with their best efforts to offer praise to God that this song so wonderfully lends to.

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