Who’s Sorry Now – 50’s Golden Oldies – Connie Francis HIT Song – TRIBUTE Cover Artist Nostalgia – 24K Gold Music Shows

The gold record release of, “Who’s Sorry Now”, by Connie Francis almost never came to be. Connie’s career did not start out with a huge amount of success. She had released nine singles and one duet but none of them had become hits; they were barely even noticed. Her record label, MGM Records, had told her that they were planning one more release and then her contract would be terminated. She spent almost all of her recording time working on other songs for the planned final release. Her father insisted that she use an updated version of, “Who’s Sorry Now” for this release. It had been a success and had been recorded many times by a wide variety of artists. But… the song was 34 years old! Connie was not happy about the idea, as she did not feel like it would be accepted by the teenagers of the day. She recorded it at her father’s insistence during the last few minutes before the recording tape ran out. It was released and the rest is history. The song became Connie’s signature hit for her long and successful career. “Who’s Sorry Now” was followed by many other great hits from Connie, including, “Stupid Cupid”, and, “Lipstick On Your Collar”, which 24K Gold Music Shows covers also.

This video clip of “Who’s Sorry Now”, is from the Lady Legends portion of our show. For this very special tribute the girls would choose songs from some of the best-known ladies of the golden oldies era. Special costumes would be added to closely match what the performers wore during their actual concerts or album cover photos. It was our hope to inspire our audiences with dreams of yesterday when times were more innocent and life was a focused on true, honest, moral values. We hope you enjoy our 24K Gold Music Show’s video of, ”Who’s Sorry Now”!

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