That Word Called Love – Karaoke To The Top – Original Songs by 24K Gold Music Shows

These two songs are 24K Gold Music Show originals written by Doyle. Doyle’s interest in music began at a very early age. He formed a band while in high school and began to write songs in the 1960’s. He has continued writing beautiful hymns, songs, and poems throughout the years. 24K Gold Music Shows featured many of Doyle’s original songs in the shows.

The music and lyrics to “That Word Called Love” are so beautiful and soothing. The words we speak, once spoken are released to either cause pain or show love. It is a very thought-provoking song. The six singer-dancers add to the beauty of this song with their lovely harmonies.

“Karaoke To The Top” is a play on words and the girls ham it up while performing the song which makes it extra fun to view and listen to. Doyle (who wrote the song), explains karaoke is popular and that folks from Oklahoma are called Okies. Some of them are famous singers so he came up with “Carry Okie To The Top”, or to be more accurate, “Karaoke To The Top”. The song combines the light hearted lyrics with a country style of rythm.

The audiences grew to love the 24K Gold Music Shows originals and requested them on a regular basis.

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